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Israel attacks Palestinians as they gather for World Cup

By Dustin M Braden- 11 Jul '14 09:10AM
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  • Gazan mother and child
  • (Photo : Reuters) The Israeli military fired a missile at a group of people who had gathered at a beachside café to watch a World Cup game. Pictured: The mother of four-year-old Palestinian girl Yasmeen al-Motawaq, whom hospital officials said was killed in an Israeli air strike, carries her body during her funeral in Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip July 10, 2014.
    REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

The Israeli military fired a missile at a group of people who had gathered at a beachside café to watch a World Cup game.

The New York Times reports that the Israeli military launched an airstrike on the seaside Fun Time Beach café as around a dozen people gathered to watch the World Cup semifinal between Argentina and the Netherlands.

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The attack left nine people dead and took place in the area of Khan Yunis, according to Russia Today.

In statements to the media reported by the Times, a spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces suggested that the target was a single member of Hamas. At the same time that the spokesperson claimed at least eight people diedd in order to kill a single terrorist, the spokesperson was unable to name the terrorist, or explain why the target warranted risking so much innocent life.

Recently, media reports have said groups like Boko Haram and al Shabaab, the ideological cousins of Hamas and Hezbollah, were behind attacks on World Cup viewing venues where innocents had gathered to forget the troubles of daily life.

In this case, it was Israel in the place of Boko Haram and such groups that wage undiscriminating warfare with the hopes of creating as much destruction as possible.

While media reports and the Israeli Defense Forces have taken pains to lay out measures the IDF has taken to save civilian lives, the deaths of innocents on the sands of the Mediterranean has made such efforts seem more propagandistic than journalistic.

The Times reports that the bombing of the Fun Time Beach café was one of at least 750 targets that have been hit by the Israeli military in the last three days.

The most recent outburst of violence between Israelis and Palestinians can be traced back to the tit for tat kidnappings and murders of teenagers from both sides.  

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